Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Coaching & mentoring are both extremely effective learning techniques which combine a holistic approach to personal development. Our coaching and mentoring programmes are bespoke and can be delivered between a 4-12 weeks timeframe.

We provide individual and group coaching sessions for young people who need the extra support as an additional service.


We deliver tailored workshops where we teach on a specific core life skill, giving the young people the opportunity to learn hands on and apply practical application.

Motivational Talks

Our goal is to engage the minds and hearts of young people in such a way that they are motivated and inspired to be better, think with clarity, see opportunities and move forward with action when delivering talks. We have inspiring motivational speakers who have shown what is possible to achieve against all odds.

'LIFT' Model

The main goal at NAS is to see every young person's life in full transformation. We use our very own LIFT model which has been incorprated into all we provide & deliver. . which stands as early intervention where we practically provide young people who ..... the tools and resources to build a healthy and well balanced future. Providing tools such as core life skills including soft skills equips disadvantaged young people with the confidence, communication skills, mindset and emotional strength to stand in similar social and career circles as their peers without feeling inadequate or suffering from imposter syndrome.

LIFT stands for Life In Full Transformation. The project stands as early intervention with a model which practically provides young people from disadvantaged areas with the tools and resources to build a healthy and well balanced future. Focusing primarily on core life skills and soft skills (often referred to as people skills) Our aim is to even the playing field of opportunity by providing young pupils from disadvantaged locations with as fair a chance as their peers with a greater advantage (due to class or social status). We do this through mentoring programmes, workshops and motivational talks.

Our delivering sessions that are:

  • Interactive: Using activities and practical applications to

  • Real: we share authentic stories and have people share the(sharing authentic stories and examples)

  • Impactful & Inspiring: (memorable)

  • Motivational: young person is left feeling empowered (empowering)